Inspiring ideas to help you explore with your child:

  • build a firm foundation for maths

  • develop fluency in numeracy

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Attend the next topic based maths workshop for parents and pupils

Maths Workshop

The workshops are based around four important topics covered at primary school; time, money, measurements and fractions.

The topic based maths workshops provides parents with ideas, resources and practical tools necessary to incorporate maths skills in everyday activities that improve the mathematical knowledge of their children.

The workshops demonstrates how the various strands of mathematical concepts are interlinked.

Sessions are delivered on Sundays from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm. 

1st Sunday of every month - Teach your child telling the time skills

2nd Sunday of every month - Teach your child money skills

3rd Sunday of every month - Teach your child measuring skills

4th Sunday of every month - Teach your child fractions skills

These sessions are flexible and you can choose to attend any.

Places are limited so please book early in advance to avoid disappointment.

Please attend 10 minutes before the start time.

Alphareach Learning Center, 144 Bradford Road, Dewsbury. WF13 2NL

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Teaching money skills
Teaching to tell time
Teaching Fractions
Teaching measurement skills

1st  Sunday of the month

Teach your child money skills

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2nd  Sunday of the month

Teach your child telling the time skills

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3rd Sunday of the month

Teach your child measurement skills

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4th  Sunday of the month

Teach your child fraction skills

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Suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2

Who can attend the workshop?

Primarily mum or dad, though other family members interested in supporting the children are also welcome. Like an older sibling, grand parents, aunts, etc.

Who can organise the workshop?

Anyone can, for example; managers from schools, libraries, community centers, self-help parents groups, book shops etc.

Where can these workshops take place?

The workshop can be held anywhere in your local schools, community centers, libraries, book shops etc.

When are you available to deliver the workshop?

I am available to deliver the workshop usually anytime between 10 a.m and 8 p.m, Monday to Thursday. Though in exceptional circumstances I am willing to consider Fridays and weekends.

The Maths-Matter workshop is 1 hour and the workbooks presentation is 1 hour.

What is the minimum number of participants for the workshop?

Minimum ten adults.

To book a Free Maths-Matter Workshop in your school, community center, book shop or library.
Please email:
Alternatively you can text or call 07927579051

The Workbooks Presentation

Maths Workbooks

by the author...

Empowering you to support your child improve their maths skills.


Reviews from the mums, attending the Maths-Matter workshop and the Alphareach workbooks presentation with their children, at The Life Hub in Batley during Easter holidays.

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

Great ideas given to support homework and different strategies given to help different learners. Great workshop we need more!

Abubakar -Parent

It was a valuable session- We were shown tips and hints on how to help children at home without necessarily sitting down with a pen and paper.

Sahnaz S

I loved this workshop, such lovely ideas on how to make maths tangible for our children and just how easy it is by using the world around us – trees cars on the street etc.

Please call for any other courses.

Victoria S

The experience was really good. Taught us how to make maths interesting so the children are willing to learn. Alos gave us more ways of supporting and new ways of helping the children learn.

Very informative and very impressive advice, will put into practice.

H Aswat

Excellent ways of approaching maths were given using different techniques. Would like to attend more workshops.

Brilliant presentation!

Naseem M

I have learnt a lot of new ways to teach my child through play. Also to be very patient and not to pressure the child.

The presentation was very well presented.

Hajra J

I have learnt new methods of teaching maths to the children, Which I have never thought of before this workshop.

Thank you very much!

M Takur

I love your session They are really good and I enjoyed it. I hope I can get another spot and a chance to come again. Thanks.

P.S, Can you please save me on other spot.

Haleema A

Wonderful  tutor and workshop. Would love to attend more workshops in future IA. Jzk to all involved with the tutorial, found it very beneficial. Keep up the good work.

Farzana D

Thank you very much for holding the workshop. The books seem interesting – I am happy that you will offer support via watsapp as well. Interest concept of working with leaflets.

F Vachhiat

More activities for the children to work at. There were lots of ideas for parents to do how to work on maths at home in everyday situations.

More information on Key Stage 2 maths will be good.

Sahida S

Lovely ideas + books + presentation.

More interactivity for the children next time split up KS1 and KS2

Show us the activities with the money rather than just explaining.


The session was very good overall. She had good learning tips but I feel like visualising shouldn’t be to encouraged in Year 4 and Year5 because when they’re calculating like factorising and expansion then visualisation isn’t helpful. As they get older they’ll need to know all of these expressions and formulae to be successful in maths GCSE. But it was a good session overall!

Saahirah S

The workshop was very useful. The tips and different ideas of maths are very handy. Can’t wait to use the methods with my daughter.

Sumaiya T