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Dewsbury Library, Dewsbury

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Key Stage 2

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Great Ideas for bringing maths into everyday language and experiences. Reminder to use maths phrases in everyday situations.

Thank you for the workshop!

K Catterson

Maths Workshop Dewsbury Library

Dad: Very informative. Thank you.


Daughter: Thank you. This has helped.


Mark Mitchell and Portia Mitchell

The workshop has given me information on how to support my children with maths in Key Stage 2 in everyday life and not just by using worksheet. Fantastic!


Excellent Workshop. When you are talking about your workbooks hand them out so parents can look through it whilst/before you talk about them. Lovely bookmaks!

Nasima. M

Maths Workshop Dewsbury LibraryThe workshop was good.

It would be more fascinating if children do get to do some practical work that will be more fun and entertaining i.e. competition or working with any thing else.

Z Patel

The session was very well presented, however my children felt it lacked an element of fun. At their age they prefer more practical work and greater interaction. The workshop has certainly given me some food for thought and even though I incorporate maths in our daily lives, I have realised there is so much more I can do. Thank you for organising the session.


Thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

This Maths matter workshop was especially designed firstly, for parents and children to become aware of the use of maths in their daily routine activities. Secondly, give practical ideas to parents so they can incorporate mathematical calculations and the buzz words primary school pupils are expected to know.

However, I am planning more topic specific maths workshop and will certainly consider incorporating an element of competition or some prize winning activity.

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