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This is an interactive workshop to engage and challenge learners in exploring the ubiquitous nature of mathematics and demonstrating the importance and relevance of mathematics.

Around the World with Maths

This workshop assists pupils to discover the hidden mathematics in real world everyday objects they use and the transaction they carry out daily.
The workshop will provide pupil with an opportunity to recognise that the knowledge and acquisition of mathematical skill is an important tool kit they can have to effectively navigate in the real world.

In addition the workshop aims to:

  • deepen pupil’s mathematical understanding
  • develop problem solving strategy
  • build confidence in maths
  • improve grades in maths
  • Increase motivation to learn mathematics.

What Is The Big Idea?Idea

See: How we use maths everyday?

Prove: How we use maths everyday?

Value: How we use maths everyday?

To skillfully use maths everyday! 

Interested in having the workshop delivered in your school.

Fathoming Fraction

Fractions are a difficult concept in mathematics to grasp.
The Fathoming Fraction workshop connects and build bridges
between different topics within mathematics and demonstrates the real world application of fractions.
The workshop enables pupils to discover:

  • how fraction are used everyday in discreet and continuous quantifiable entities
  • what strategies to use for reasoning with fractions
  • techniques to use when solving problems with fractions
  • associated vocabulary to reinforce key words and phrases
Block 1 - The Essentials – (six workshops) 

Topics covered:

  • Identifying fractions.
  • Finding fractions from a quantity.
  • Understanding equivalent fractions.
  • (Numbers, objects, money, shapes, lengths, volume, angles and time).
Block 2 - The  Extended – (six workshops)

Topics covered:

  • Equivalent fractions.
  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Improper fractions and mixed numbers (objects, money, shapes, lengths, volume, angles and time).

What Is The Big Idea?


To see, construct and calculate.
How you use fractions everyday?


Interested in having the workshop delivered in your school. 

During school hours.


After school hours.


Whole class workshops.


Small groups of up to 12 pupil based on ability.
One off workshop.


Six workshops over 3 to 6 weeks.

Suitable for Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4.

All workshop content is aligned with the national curriculum and designed based on ability or age to suit your class requirements. 

The mathematical topics are dynamically incorporated to meet your pupils needs, skills and interest. This will be discussed before with the teachers. We can set follow up work or homework upon your request.

Hour Glass  Each session is 1 hour 20 minutes long.

Cost of one Workshop is £60.

Book more than one workshop in one day.

Two Workshops £110

Three Workshops £150


This Special offer is valid from
Feb 15th 2017 till May 31st 2017.

Subject to availability and on a
first come first served basis.

Please note we will have to
add cost of travel
for schools outside West Yorkshire.

I am always interested in forming new and innovative partnerships and look forward to hearing from you.