I have a:
  • DBS
  • Safeguarding Certificate

My experience in education, especially teaching maths, spans over twenty-five years. I have been fortunate to be able to teach pupils with varying abilities and background of all ages.

I am passionate about creating opportunities for pupils of all ages, to make the learning and teaching of maths meaningful, relevant and enjoyable!

To aid deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and improve pupils learning outcomes I have successfully, authored topic based maths workbooks using conceptual and procedural variation.

In addition I deliver Maths-Matter workshops for the pupils and parents to develop confidence in using maths as a tool to solve problems, to appreciate the importance and artistic nature of maths.


In Brief: My work in education spans over 25 years.

  • Managing the Alphareach Learning center.
  • Maths tutor and presenter of Maths Matter Workshops.
  • Written over forty topic-based maths/numeracy workbooks for KS 1, 2, and 3.
  • Moodle course creator/web designer.
  • Developed and organised the PILOT programme workshops delivered to young adults age 12 to 19 for FairMind.
  • Volunteer School speaker for Amnesty International.
  • Volunteered as a mentor/family support worker at Northorpe Hall, Mirfield.

I welcome your inquiry for delivering the Maths Matter workshop suitable for the pupils and parents.

You can email or text me with an expression of interest.

E: admin@maths-matter.com  


E: info@alphareach.com


Visit alphareach to buy the workbooks.


Some feedback of my work...

Private Tuition

I wanted to hire a private tutor originally for my daughter because the school had felt that she wasn't going to reach her targets, I was worried of the implications falling behind may have on her welfare both emotionally and educationally.
I found the center on Google. We established a good working relationship early on. The work books were clear; in a language she could understand and had set work. I felt the use of spaces where she could write helped with the learning process.
I felt that the delivery was clear and good. My daughter would come home saying that she liked the tutor and felt comfortable with her teaching.
I felt that over the weeks, she made the progress she needed to go back to school and catch up with the standards that were needed. Since then she's excelled, knows her fractions, time tables from 1 to 12 and is doing brilliantly.
I felt if I wouldn't have used your service, she would have fallen behind, which may have been disastrous for her confidence but instead, she's getting rewards, and is wanting to put herself forward for a time table assembly next week I feel the process really worked for her and I’m sure she'll carry on being successful.
If she ever becomes stuck again, I'll use your service again, I feel it really worked.

Amanda: Learning assistant, disabilities. Bradford College.
I'm a qualified lecturer with a BA (HONS) P.G.C.E.

Support at Alphareach Learning Center

Both my children have attended the Alphareach Center and the help they received, benefited them both academically and boosted their confidence. They have both gone on to do extremely well at school and college. My daughter also completed voluntary work at the Alphareach Center for two years. Not only did she thoroughly enjoy this but it helped her all round personal development. This work made a real impact on her university applications; she ended up with five offers from university.
The help my children received was invaluable. Good dedicated staff at the Alphareach Center and friendly environment.
Shazia Sheraz.

Amnesty School Speaker

Working with Y7 students at Hemsworth Sofia ran a series of 60 minute sessions introducing the work of Amnesty International.
The session really helped by highlighting real life examples of everyday rights we take for granted and how human rights affects us all not just 'people in other countries'.
The personal angle that Sofia brings to the session when talking about human rights really brings the subject home and engages the children.

Paul Bateson
Assistant Curriculum Leader
Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy.