Making the learning and teaching of maths meaningful, relevant and enjoyable!

Mathematics is central to our lives. It is important for pupils to see that the application of mathematics is in all walks of life, across all disciplines from finance, design, engineering, manufacture, computing, science, art and more.

The Maths Matter workshops are designed so participants can experience and explore ideas to:

  • build a firm foundation in maths
  • develop fluency in numeracy
  • develop their problem solving skills
Maths Matter Workshops held at Dewsbury Library for:
Key Stage 1 on Tuesday 29 May 2018
Key Stage 2 on Thursday 31 May 2018

My reflections of the maths workshops:

Parents felt empowered to support their child at home with developing and strengthening their numeracy skills required in primary school.

The parents who attended the maths workshops have seen how easy it is to incorporate mathematical calculations within their routine activities.

To book a Free Maths-Matter Workshop in your school, community center, book shop or library.
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Feedback from the parents and children who attended the maths-matter workshop at Dewsbury Library.

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Great Ideas for bringing maths into everyday language and experiences.

Reminder to use maths phrases in everyday situations.

Thank you for the workshop!


K Catterson

Maths Workshop Dewsbury Library


Very informative. Thank you.



Thank you. This has helped!


Mark Mitchell and Portia Mitchell

The workshop has given me information on how to support my children with maths in Key Stage 2 in everyday life and not just by using worksheet. Fantastic!


Excellent Workshop. When you are talking about your workbooks hand them out so parents can look through it whilst/before you talk about them. Lovely bookmaks!

Nasima. M

Attend the next Maths-Matter Workshop for parents:

Maths Workshop

You can’t make it to this Maths-Matter workshop.

Let us know and we will inform you of other future workshops.

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Venue: Dewsbury Library

These sessions are practical and structured around four major topics covered at primary school.

Sessions are FREE and delivered over four weeks every Thursdays in July from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm.

5th July 2018 - Telling the Time

12th July 2018 - Money Sense

19th July 2018 - Using Measurements

26th July 2018 - Basics of Fractions

These sessions are flexible. Parents can choose to come on their own to develop ideas and try later with their child or bring their child also to work alongside them.

Places are limited so please only book if you are going to attend.

Please attend 10 minutes before the start time.

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5th July 2018

Teach - Telling the Time

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12th July 2018

Teach - Money Sense

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19th July 2018

Teach - Using Measurements

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26th July 2018

Teach - Basics of Fractions

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Maths-Matter Workshop
For Key Stages 1 and 2

At Sensory World Play Centre,
Old Westgate, Dewsbury WF13 1NB, UK
On Sat, 7th July, from 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please call or text to book your place:

Linda: 07801065581


Sofi: 07927579051

Reviews from parents who attended the maths matter workshops:

I loved this workshop, such lovely ideas on how to make maths tangible for our children and just how easy it is by using the world around us – trees cars on the street etc.

Please call for any other courses.

Victoria S

Great ideas given to support homework and different strategies given to help different learners. Great workshop we need more!

Abubakar - Parent

I have learnt new methods of teaching maths to the children, Which I have never thought of before this workshop.

Thank you very much!

M Takur